Custom HTML Module

Sub FontColorFormulas1()‘Code for different font color in cells having formulas, formulas and numbers and constants. _Run this code to change font colors in Used Range in Active Sheet. Dim formulaColor As LongDim formulanumbersColor As LongDim constantColor As LongDim cell As Range formulaColor = RGB(Red:=0, Green:=255, Blue:=0)formulanumbersColor = RGB(Red:=0, Green:=0, Blue:=0)constantColor = RGB(Red:=0, Green:=0, Blue:=255)   ...

Feed Display

This module allows the displaying of a syndicated feed. Help {loadposition feeddisplayload}

Footer Module

This module shows the Joomla! copyright information. Help {loadposition footerload}

Random Image Module

This Module displays a random image from your chosen image directory. Help {loadposition randomimageload}

Weblinks Module

This module displays the list of weblinks in a category. Help {loadposition weblinksload}

Banner Module

The banner module is used to display the banners that are managed by the banners component in the site administrator. Help. {loadposition bannersload}

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