Ebook of Excel Formulas

Ebook of Excel Formulas

Excel Solutions with Advanced Formulas

An Essential Resource for Excel Users

1000+ Formulas Across 230+ Tabs, with Explanation
Illustrated Live in Excel Workbook

Do you want to Master using Formulas in Excel? If Yes, then this Ebook is for you.

The Ebook Advantage: With 1000+ Live Excel Formulas and Step-wise Explanation, the Ebook will equip you in understanding and composing Formulas. It will develop your skills to organize, analyze, automate and manipulate data in a spreadsheet and make you a pro in using spreadsheets for critical data analysis. The aim is for you to become an EXCEL HERO!

Ebook: This Ebook is all about providing Excel Solutions using Formulas – it illustrates using Excel Formulas to help Solve Real-Life Problems and Resolve Complex Scenarios. Using Formulas continues to be the most important facet of Microsoft Excel, and Excel without formulas might be unthinkable. Towards this we have covered a wide range of aspects and functions, with a Live illustration in this Excel Workbook of providing Solutions using Excel Formulas.

Target Users: The Ebook does not teach basic Excel – it uses Excel Formulas, many of them are Advanced Formulas suitable for Excel Users who are already familiar with Excel Basics and Functions. Regular Excel users and Excel Professionals should find it particularly useful.

Special Emphasis has been given to Array Formulas, which is a critical and powerful tool in Excel, which enables multiple calculations (involving multiple rows-columns) simultaneously, and obviate the need to use multiple formulas.

Topics: The Ebook covers a wide range of topics: Extract a Unique List, Duplicates List, Sort / Rank Values, Count Uniques / Duplicates, Sum Uniques, Count / Countif / Sum / Sumif / Average / Averageif – Multiple Criteria, Non-Contiguous Range(s) – Count / Sum / Average / Match, Sumif / Countif Hidden Cells / Rows, Dates / Days / Months / Time Formulas, Return Column / Row Headers, Working with Arrays – Multiple Array Match, Dynamic Range Reference, Most Common Occurrences / Mode, Sequences – Increment / Repeat / Transpose, String & Text Formulas, Convert / Replace Letters to Numbers, Index-Small / Aggregate, Index-Match, Nth Smallest / Largest / Positive / Negative, Slab Rates – Progressive Splits – Cut Offs, Closest Match, Skip Error Values in SUM / AVG / MAX-MIN, Join / Combine Multiple Cells, …

Download the Illustrative Index of the Ebook which will give a clear idea about the topics / formulas covered, and which also illustrates some actual formulas / worksheets of the Ebook – users Interested to purchase the Ebook may download this Index for Free from this link: Ebook Index

Our Objective is for you to MASTER Excel Formulas for all situations, while keeping them easy!

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