Excel and VBA Services

Our Services - Excel & VBA, Financial Modeling

We provide services in respect of Excel Application which include VBA Programming, Financial Modeling, Database Programming, Automating Data Processes & Reports, Data Manipulation, Data Analysis, Data Entry Forms, Data Cleansing, Data Mining, Data Integration, and so on. We categorize these broadly into 2 heads: Excel & VBA Services, and Financial Modeling Services.

Excel & VBA Services

Excel for Business Processes:

Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful and versatile spreadsheet programs today. It offers capabilities and functionalities to organizations in automating processes, quick turnarounds and minimize errors …. at lower costs. Excel acts as an essential managerial tool in data manipulation, advanced & simplified analysis, thus significantly contributing to the vital decision making process. And in these days of doing more in less time, every opportunity for maximizing efficiencies in your daily grind is a bonus.

Are you faced with any of these challenges?

  • Need to Automate a Business Process with Excel, which otherwise would be difficult to perform.
  • The need to convert raw data into useful Excel format, for Manipulation or Analysis.
  • Automate a repetitious job that takes hours to do manually.
  • The need to create an Excel macro to do a major task, for use by multiple employees.

If you are, we can help you!

Our services include:
  • Excel VBA Programming & Development
  • Data Manipulation & Analysis
  • Excel Automation
  • Customized Spreadsheets & Design
  • Excel Solutions & Consultancy (includes Data Entry Forms, Data Cleansing, Data Mining, Data Integration, …)

Providing the above services involves, inter alia:

  • Extracting Data from an Access database into an Excel spreadsheet using OLEDB & ADO;
  • Data Analysis & Manipulation using Pivot Tables, Analysis ToolPak, Charts, ActiveX & Form Controls, Conditional Formatting, What-If Analysis, Sort & Filter;
  • VBA coding / creating Macros, Customized Functions (UDFs);
  • Extract Raw Data, Organize & Classify Data, Perform Calculations, & Populate into a Final Report;
  • Extract & Populate data from multiple sub-forms or tables into a final Data Entry Form;
  • Use Excel Functions, Commands & techniques to remove unwanted characters, format dates & restructure data into the desired Format for efficient Analysis;
  • Control Data Input in worksheet by users in a consistent, accurate & structured manner using Data Validation Tools & UserForms;

To avail our Excel & VBA Services, send a mail to: info@excelanytime.com

Financial Modeling Services

Decision Making in organizations!

Making decisions based on gut feelings is outdated. Today organizations are using Excel to create financial models to understand the financial impact of various options available to them. Using financial modeling enables better decision making, improves processes and increases the efficiency of organizations. Excel is clearly the dominant spreadsheet tool with an extremely wide range of applications.

Financial modeling helps organizations assess the viability of existing business or new business ideas through a detailed financial planning process. This modelling process helps clients to make confident pricing, investment or transaction decisions and also provides credibility and assurance to financiers/ stakeholders.

Financial Models!

Our competent financial models will assist you in evaluating different strategic initiatives and corporate transactions, their impact on company performance and shareholder value. We build detailed financial forecast models based on sound financial and commercial assumptions and, depending on the outputs of the exercise, advise clients on the strategic options available.

Our Financial Models include:

  • LBO DCF Model
  • Cash Flow Waterfall Model (typical Real Estate capital structure between investor & developer, IRR hurdles determine how Cash Flows at each level are split based on a Waterfall structure)
  • Rental Property Investment Model
  • Mortgage / Financial Calculators
  • Financial Statements & Forecasting

To avail our Financial Modeling Services, send a mail to: info@excelanytime.com

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