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Remove Duplicates in a range, using "Remove duplicates" button in the top menu tab Data -> Data Tools (in Excel 2007)
1. Select Data in the top menu tab (Refer Table 1).
2. If your range has multiple columns, you can select a single column from which you want to remove duplicates. In this case after clicking on the button "Remove duplicates", you can select the option "Expand the selection" if you want to expand the range to all adjoining columns from which to remove duplicates. Else, select option "Continue with the current selection" to remove duplicates from the single selected column. It may be noted that these options will appear only if you have selected a single column.
3. Click "Remove duplicates" button in the group "Data Tools".
4. Refer Tables 2a, 2c & 2c  when you proceed with selection "Continue with the current selection" and Refer Tables 3a, 3b, 3c & 3d when you proceed with the option "Expand the selection".

5. In case your data has multiple adjoining columns, and you select 2 or more columns (ie. not select only a single column as in point no. 2 above), then "Remove duplicates" will remove duplicates from the selected columns only. In case you select all columns, then you will be proceeding as per Tables 3b, 3c & 3d.
6. In case your data has headers on the top row tick check box "My data has headers".
7. Click OK.
8. This will remove duplicates from desired range. To retain the original data, perform the above steps after copying data to a new range.