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Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is a programming language used to work with Microsoft Excel, and also with other Microsoft Office applications like Word, Access, PowerPoint & Outlook, and with many third-party applications. VBA for Excel: VBA programming is used to get enhanced functionality which might be beyond an Excel spreadsheet, to automate repetitive tasks in Excel, and to integrate Excel with other Office applications such as Microsoft Access.

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On our site you will find tutorials, examples, downloads & resources on Excel VBA & Macros. Our Excel / VBA pages can be accessed from the Excel & VBA section, which is categorized into “Excel Tips”, “Excel Functions”, Excel VBA” & “Excel Pivot Tables”.

Excel & VBA Services

We provide services in respect of Excel Application which include VBA programming & development, and Financial Modeling services. Click here to know more about these services.

Excel Financial Models

We offer Free download of some interesting Excel Financial Models: Cash Flow Waterfall Model, LBO DCF Model, Rental Property Investment Model & Property Mortgage Calculator. Click here to download.

Ebook of Excel Formulas

Excel Solutions with Advanced Formulas – An Essential Resource for Excel Users – 1000+ Formulas Across 230+ Tabs, with Explanation – Illustrated Live in Excel Workbook – Solve Real Life Problems and Resolve Complex Scenarios

This Ebook is all about providing Excel Solutions using Formulas – it illustrates using Excel Formulas to help Solve Real-Life Problems. Formulas continue to be the most important facet of Microsoft Excel, and using Excel without formulas would be rare. Towards this we have attempted to cover a wide range of aspects and functions, with a Live illustration in this Excel Workbook of providing Solutions using Excel Formulas.

The aim is for you to master Excel Formulas for all situations, while keeping them easy! Click here to know more about the Ebook of Excel Formulas

Excel VBA Online Tutorial

Learn Excel VBA programming with our easy to understand Excel VBA Online Tutorial – access examples & illustrations, live codes and downloadable files which will make learning VBA simple and quick for you. If you are finding VBA difficult to learn, or if you find it too complicated, or if you feel it is beyond your capacity, then you have come to the RIGHT place. We keep it easy! Our tutorial is in plain language, in English, and will enable you to master Excel VBA effortlessly. Check out what some existing users have to say about our Excel VBA Tutorial (click for all Testimonials):

“Thanks very much. Excellent tutorial … Looked like a nightmare on other sites. This one broke it down and showed it best. Cheers!”


“I find your site very informative and written in understandable language.”


“Thank you for sharing your excellent, clear VBA explanations. It saves my time.”


“I have been teaching myself VBA over the past 5 months by incorporating it into many useful projects. I have purchased several well-known books and searched the internet extensively as I’ve encountered problems. I don’t know what took me so long to come across your site, but it is without a doubt, the best site on the web for getting a good handle on VBA. The clear examples and descriptive notes are very informative. You provide much depth while keeping it simple.”


“Good Work! One of the best sites i have come across.!! I was stuck up in a problem fr 3 days….n i got it solved here..!! Many Many thanks :)”


“I was completely taken back by the amount of information and examples that were offered. I stopped writing my code, and I spent over two hours exploring the MANY facets of this site. The whole time, I was saying, ” Wow!…. Wow!… Wow!” . Your explanations and examples have helped me a great deal!”


“I’ve been to all kinds of excel schools, addin, books, excel program like … Finding ways to make me understanding excel in shortcut mode. Wanted to know the code and just copy with simple reason about the code. Done. period. I’m thankful for your work … and give me more information if there’s more.”

Brief Contents: Excel VBA Basics; VBA Objects; Working with Variables; Conditional Statements; VBA Loops; Application Object; Workbooks & Worksheets; Cells & Ranges in VBA; String & Date Functions; VBA Procedures & Functions; VBA Arrays; Error Handling; Events; Custom Classes & Objects; UserForms; Charts, Shapes, ActiveX & Form Controls; PivotTables with VBA; Automation with VBA (Send Email from Excel, Automate PowerPoint, …); Connect with Databases – ADO, ADOX &  DAO;

Methodology: You can create a Free Login Account and then Login with your username and password to access our Online Tutorial. You will get complete access to the Excel VBA course, structured in appropriate Sections, with Live Codes & Downloadable Excel Files. You can learn VBA from the comfort of your house or office, 24 x 7, without any time limits, explained in a simple and easy manner. Click here to know more about the Excel VBA Online Tutorial.

Come join us, in the marvelous world of VBA programming, to discover the magic of VBA!

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